Dynamic Site Hosting

For over 10 years, we have been closely involved with audio developers dealing with every aspect of their business.

One of the most time-consuming tasks for an independent developers is having to built and manage a fully operational manufacturer website. That implies creating a well structured website that contains product pages, software information, system requirements, download links, company information, FAQs, Support pages, company information, etc.

What if we could "dynamically" create and maintain your website?

Plugivery as been written from scratch with the most advanced web tools actually available. We have spent over 3 years of development to create powerful databases that we use to print our own and our partners web pages. We are now making all of our technology available to any developer that is looking at optimising his time.

When it comes to websites, the most important question is : Are you spending too much time reinventing the wheel ? And the answer is most certainly certainly YES ! A website is nothing else than a bunch of databases and HTML codes that one uses to print attractive pages, images, links, etc. But it might take years before you learn and experience every aspect of a well organised and secure website. Let's face it, that's not YOUR job !

Ok, let's see how it works !

The first steps might take you a little time, perhaps a few days as you'll need to choose the right CSS template for your site. Our system is fully compatible with industry standard BootStrap CSS templates which means that your website can be fully customised at your companies look and feel and edited at anytime and when ever needed.

Designing YOUR site is the only thing that we will not do for you BUT, onces done, that's it, we take over with all of the nasty technical problems for the rest of your life ! You won't need to worry about updating your pages manually when new products or features go live. It is a ONE TIME effort to create the right design and the features that you want us to integrate to your site and you're done ! We have moreover printed clear and comprehensive tutorials that will help you through the first steps...


Here are the main tools that you can use to build your site at start and never worry about it again...

  • Database Driven : Basically you'll simply need to upload new files and fill a single product form when you release an update or launch a new product.
  • Based on industry standard BootStrap : Full responsive layout from mobile to desktop screens.
  • Create your own design with custom CSS or commercial Bootstrap themes. Every DOM element is easily and individually accessible.
  • Solid Integration of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.).
  • Fully compatible with most modern web browsers.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • FavIcon included.
  • Open Graph and Shema.org Microdata Integration.
  • RSS feed for News and Press Releases.
  • Minimised and CDN served media files (javascript, images and stylesheets) for turbo fast pages delivery.
  • Unlimited bandwidth from our reactive servers.
  • REST API to query your product catalogs in a JSON format.
  • Our system can co-exist with you own subdomains (.yoursite.com) wherever it is hosted.
  • Numerous settings to customise visible sections, pages, titles, html titles, meta descriptions, etc.

Pages Available

Each of the following pages can be activated (or not) on your website :

  • Home Page : Full customisation using blocks, carousel, latest news and more.
  • Product & Bundle Pages : Automatically filled from our database : You'll never have to edit an HTML page manually again ;-)
  • FAQs Page : Fill an FAQ text template and badaboom, all of your FAQs are correctly formatted.
  • Downloads Center : Simply upload new files following a predefined naming convention and all of your download links are rebuild, while archiving older files. Upload “Change Log” text files to automatically build an actualised log per product. (See PvDL)
  • News Pages : Add attractive “News” pages directly from our “News module”. With the News module, you can also publish well formatted press releases.
  • Press Page : Simply upload your medias (correctly named) to a predefined folder and your media download links will magically appear.
  • Video Pages : Automatically integrate all of your Youtube videos directly to your website.
  • Contact Page : Spam protected pointing to your emails.
  • Forums : Get you own public or private forums at Plugivery.
  • More : Many other features are available or will be in a very close future
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