Plugivery Download Center (PvDL)

Have you ever been through the bummer of having to update your web pages manually and upload new versions of your software JUST as you are finally ready to release your new product ? Deadly isn't it ?

Well we have real good news for you. Our PvDL script can handle YOUR uploads with great features and get you back to useful work ! Best of all, It's FREE !!!

Once PvDL installed, all you need to do is name your product files with a predefined naming convention and UPLOAD them to an established folder. PvDL automatically rebuilds your download links and archives older files that are always available to your customers on your website. "Change Log" text files are automatically build an actualised for each uploaded product. A developer's dream comes true ;-)


  • PvDL is very easy to install and will save you a great amount of time.
  • PvDL automatically creates a Download Center page that contains present and past download files.
  • PvDL automatically updates all download links on your product pages.
  • PvDL automatically sorts your files by product and OS.
  • Program the schedule when you want your product files to go live.
  • ChangeLogs are automatically created.
  • Public or private BETA versions can be uploaded at your convenience, using password protected areas if needed
  • Product files are uploaded on your server or can be hosted by Plugivery.
  • An API is available to create your own download center.
  • Design your download center matching your brand colours.
  • PvDL can log all of your downloads.
  • PvDL handles user manual downloads
  • PvDL can be automatically updated using Git (no maintenance).
  • PvDL is OpenSource and can be fully customised.
  • A great software "deployment" service is also on the way...
  • PvDL will improve your SEX life.
  • Requires only Php and a working webserver


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